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Travel Tip: Use your Consular Services

Before travelling to a foreign country, the best place to go for the latest and safest advice is the Canadian Consular Affairs Bureau of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade . It operates a comprehensive website which is full of useful worldwide information and is updated daily with a Travel Report and special Alerts in case of dangerous situations.

Pay special attention to the new security measures implemented between Canada and the United States which have been tightened and may affect some travellers and cause delays. Effecive February 2007, all Canadian travellers entering the United States by Air now require a passport
Or if you find yourself in difficulty while abroad, Canada’s Consular Services operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a network of 270 offices in 180 countries. Check the website for advice especially if you are visiting a country where there may be some political turbulence, and if you get into trouble while you are abroad, the Consular Affairs office is the place to get help. It is recommended that you register your intentions with Consular Affairs before travelling, especially if you plan an extended or multiple destination stay.

The Bureau also publishes a number of information booklets in both English and French including a useful pocket size handbook “Bon Voyage But” which provides invaluable information on just about everything you need to know when traveling abroad. Will you need a Visa, or a malaria shot, will your insurance cover you if you get sick, are there any currency restrictions? It is all here in “Bon Voyage But” which also includes addresses of overseas consulates. Don’t leave home without it!

You can pick up the indispensible handbook at passport offices, order it toll free in Canada at 1-800 267 8376 or (613) 944 4000 elsewhere, or contact: In addition to the informative website, you can email

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
125 Sussex Drive

For Emergency Services Call collect from abroad: (613) 996 8885