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Spotlight on Prague

Czech Republic located in the heart of Europe, seems to have retained its individuality despite years of oppression. The people are quite unlike their neighbours in appearance, tall, blond, good looking and well dressed. The capital, Prague is a beautiful city fully integrated into a market economy without losing its old world appeal.

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Vienna is so gemütlich!

Vienna is so gemütlich! There’s no precise translation, but relaxed and easy going comes close, and perhaps it is because of the 300 or so coffee houses, some of which have been around for a century or more, which have made the city almost as famous as the Vienna waltz. Many of the coffee houses still celebrate the famous “Waltz Kings” with live music and you can drink in the atmosphere of old Vienna, along with your coffee. Continue reading

Dublin: a surprise and a delight

My introduction to Dublin wasn’t auspicious.

Landing in Dun Laoaghaire, the ferry port for Dublin from Holyhead at 4:30pm, there didn’t seem to be any taxis and worse still it was a Friday afternoon. The journey by DART Rapid transit about a dozen stops to central Dublin, lugging a suitcase, can only be described as a nightmare. More people and hustle than I have ever seen, worse even than rush hour on the London Underground. So much for my image of Dublin as a quiet backwater among European capitals. Perhaps, once it was, but now it is a bustling boomtown, crowded with commuters, tourists, students and traffic tie-ups, like other capital cities. Signs of construction and renovation are everywhere, as the city gears up to enter the new millennium and renewed prosperity fueled by Ireland’s entry into the European Common Market, but when we finally made our way to famous O’Connell Street, and the Bridge spanning the sluggish River Liffey, surrounded by splendid Georgian architecture, elegant shops and a giant Guinness Brewery sign, I knew that this was indeed Dublin, core of the Irish psyche and like no other place in the world.

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