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Travel Tip: Beware what you eat and drink!

While it is wonderful to visit an exotic locale and immerse your self in the local food and culture – beware – hygiene and cleanliness are not always up to the standards we in the developed countries are used to and you should take a few precautions:

  1. Especially in tropical countries, drink only bottled carbonated beverages, bottled mineral water or water you know has been purified.
  2. Avoid ice cubes.
  3. Eat only fruit you have washed in safe water and peeled.
  4. Avoid salads and raw vegetables.
  5. Often there is little refrigeration so eat only thoroughly and recently cooked meat and shellfish and avoid food from street vendors.

Even with these precautions it is wise to take some water purification pills and medication with you for management of diarrhea or other infections which you may affect you. Consult your doctor or pharmacist before you leave or contact Travel Medicine Center, Toronto

If you do get sick in a foreign country and need a doctor, there is a wonderful organisation, IAMAT, International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers, founded by Toronto Doctor Vincenzo Marcolongo in 1988 headquartered in Canada, with branches internationally. This organisation has a directory of doctors around the world who can provide assistance in your own language wherever illness strikes you down. Member benefits include IAMAT membership card, worldwide directory of doctors, clinical record chart, immunization and climate charts. Membership is free although donations are greatfully received to help support the work of the organisation.

Be sure to check out IAMAT when doing your travel planning: