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Jamaica: shore excursions add to cruise experience

“Ya Man, Irie, Irie” chirps our guide as we disembark from the ship in Montego Bay for our last shore excursion. It is Jamaican patois for “Welcome, no problem”, which pretty well sums up the Jamaican attitude to life and will become our mantra as we set off for a taste of rural island life. Jamaica is our last port of call on a seven day cruise around the western Caribbean. The island, once the jewel of the Caribbean, with lush tropical vegetation, luxury villas and scenic mountains shimmering in the mist, is the largest in the region, with a population of 2.7 million, but over the last 20 years, it has suffered political upheaval, and devastating hurricanes and the island economy has taken a battering, from which it has never totally recovered. The Tourism Ministry has tried hard to improve things. Our two young guides with their trademark wide smiles and pearly white teeth, are friendly and welcoming, and keen for us to enjoy our short visit to their homeland.

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