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A VIP view

If you have ever been part of the crowd, jostling for a view of the wonderful Pageantry and traditional events like The Trooping the Colour, in London during the summer, you have probably envied the “VIP’s” watching the whole thing in comfort from the stands. But you can be just like them with the foresight to apply in advance for the limited number of grandstand tickets available to the general public, by lottery. Continue reading

London carries on

“When a man is tired of London, he’s tired of Life”, wrote Dr. Samuel Johnson in 1777, an observation which still holds true in 2005.

There’s an 8GBP congestion charge to take a car into central London. You can’t board a bus until you have purchased a ticket at a machine on the street, which doesn’t give change, and the tube (subway) is on Bomb Alert, but despite it all, it hasn’t stopped the people coming to this fascinating city which was as vibrant and busy as ever when I visited recently. Continue reading