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Travel Tip: Claim your refunds!

Tax Free Savings in Europe

As a traveller residing in a non EU country, you are entitled to a Sales Tax refund in many European countries, including Britain and Switzerland. Look for a tax free shopping logo when you are shopping. They are not always easy to spot and you may have to ask the store for a refund form.

Upon presentation of receipts, purchases, and passport at your Point of departure, your Global refund form will be stamped. You can collect your refund in cash at a nearby office if you have time, or mail your form when you return home, for  credit on your credit card or a refund cheque.

To find out if the country you are visiting is eligible for this program, contact Traveller Services – 020 8222 0101 or website

In the United States, Louisiana is one State that offers Tax free shopping to Visitors, with five Tax Refund centres in larger towns and at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

Tax free Shopping member merchants include: Macys, Saks Fifth Avenue, Target, K Mart and Walmart, and many New Orleans souvenir shops.

They offer the following tips for claiming your refund.

Bring your Passport or current Identification with you when shopping

Ask the Merchant if they are a member of LTFS (Louisiana tax free Shopping and if so, show them your ID and ask for a tax refund voucher.  Save your bills.

Redeem vouchers at one of the  centers in  New Orleans, Lafayette, Shreveport ,or Macy’s Lakeside, or at the Airport before leaving.  Refund is payable in Cash.

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