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Big Island Volcanoes are ‘high points’ of Hawaii

“We have everything from Rain Forest to Desert, and 22 climates” said a cab driver on Big Island, Hawaii and you will experience most of them as you explore the island. At 4,038 square miles, it is the largest of the islands, and the most diverse. Dominated by the twin volcanic mountains of Mauna Loa 13,677 ft, the world’s highest active volcano and Mauna Kea, 13,796ft, Big Island is one of the “Hot Spots” of the world, with an active volcano which has been erupting on a regular basis since 1983, and there’s a black tarmac like substance and lumps of rock and cinders everywhere. Much of the island infrastructure is built on Volcanic Lava deposit and you might find lava streaming across the road when the volcano is really active and the goddess Pele is angry. “Doesn’t it bother you?” I ask a local resident, but it is part of life on this idyllic south sea isle, and the laid back, friendly people take it all in stride. Continue reading